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Calling all musicians and Artists!

ATP Tee America’s Third Party is announcing a tournament, where musicians from around the nation can write and record a video for a new official America’s Third Party theme song! All songs are due August 8th! Make sure to send them to All submitted songs may be featured on America’s Third Party online blog and TV show. The person who writes the winning song will receive a free t-shirt signed by David Jon Sponheim! We will be announcing the winner in our next newsletter.

I am (not) Anonymous by Sarah Hart

The brainwashing and lies have really got me stressed.
I just want to hide because we have been oppressed.
That is what they want. They rule with an iron fist.
They keep you asleep- forget the life you've missed.
They use you, enslave you, keep you tied to the cash.
It's all artificial - the job, the car, the stash.
It's time to awaken and smash through the glass.
Look past your reflection, you'll find it alas.
The human inside you, not fakeness looking back.
See humanity in others when you take off that mask.
We tear down the facade and prepare for the next task.
Now that I can finally see.
I am finally free.
I've finally found me.
I live for humanity.
They may try to scare me.
They might even scar me.
They may even take my life.
But we can end the strife.
The wars they fought for money.
We Can end with jars of honey.

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