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October 2011 Newsletter

Join The Online Revolution

by David Jon Sponheim

It's Safe, you won't get arrested, and you might save money!
Imagine how much it costs to go to Wall Street and protest:

Hotel accommodations $695 per Night at the Trump Hotel
4 Latte's at Starbucks cost at least $20
Dinner at McDonalds $20
Cab Fare to go 2 Blocks $30,etc.ect.

             In fact, many of the protesters are backed by heavily funded organizations. These organizations like Acorn, Canadian based Adbusters, and the Tea Party are all funding efforts to "Stage" this rally that you hear about on TV. Even liberal and conservative media outlets are claiming that it's spreading nationwide.

All of this is propaganda! It is designed to avert your attention from the key players in our economic collapse, namely Obama and the Big Banks.  Wall Street is comprised of profit takers who will do whatever they can to obtain that profit. Obama has had the ability to force the SEC to take action against reckless trading activity, but Obama has done nothing. The protests are promoting the class warfare that the Republicans are claiming the Democrats are engaged in. Ironically, class warfare is exactly what the elitists want. They want to drive a wedge between Americans, preventing them from uniting. The Two-Party-System will promote this division and when it comes to wealthy donations, they both agree. They always pass tax breaks for rich and corporate donors.

So, you are doing the more important work of solving America's problems by backing a Third Party! The Two-Party-System has failed! They are not able to cut the waste from the budget. There are too many strings attached to the two parties. Their re-election funds depend on their support from the people who nurse off the government teat! Obama's fiscal mismanagement is now legendary. He has added $4.6 Trillion in over-spending in three years!

So, if you are a former Democrat like me, or a Republican that hated Bush because he overspent, you will like ATP (America’s Third Party). We are the centrist-alternative. We have been actively fighting to end the fed for three years. Many of our supporters have gone to the protest rallies, but they are not paid to do this. They want a sane alternative to Wall Street running amuck.

The mad grab for more money on Wall Street is partly due to the huge infusion of capital into the market ($12 Trillion in two years by the FED), plus control mechanisms that should be illegal, such as the rigging of the silver and gold market by Comex. As your President in 2013, I will order the SEC to take drastic action to control reckless investments, margin loans, futures speculation and maintain much more transparency in these areas. Obama is a day late and making our nation a dollar short. Don't be fooled by these recent attempts to create civil unrest by the two parties.  Saner alternatives are coming with America's Third Party.

Ideas for Government to Save/Make Money

Turning Soldiers into Doctors

by Sarah Hart

According to the Monthly Treasury Statement, at, Department of Health and Human Services costs $85.477 billion last month and $891.246 billion during this past fiscal year. The Department of Defense costs total $63.208 billion last month and $678.077 billion for this past fiscal year.

No wonder our government has a deficit of $1.3 trillion for fiscal year 2011 and a debt of $14.8 trillion. The highest line item expenses for the government are the benefit payments from the Federal Supplementary Medical Insurance Trust Fund, which was $28 billion in September alone. According to the 2011 ANNUAL REPORT OF THE BOARDS OF TRUSTEES for this Fund, "the Hospital Insurance trust fund is now estimated to be exhausted in 2024, 5 years earlier than was shown in last year's report."
We need to stop overspending!

Fortunately, Obama has come to realize that part of his health care bill is untenable. He has cut the Community Living Assistance Services (CLASS) Act. We need to think outside the box and look at long term solutions to our health care problems.

I believe that we can train all of our soldiers in the military to become doctors- general practitioners. They should be placed in other fields if they cannot perform at an adequate level in this field. Our soldiers are taught how to end life; now, it is time for us to teach them how to save lives. After basic training, soldiers can enter pre-med classes taught in the military rather than at any university. By doing this, we will use the money we are already spending in the military and increase the number of doctors in the long term.

With basic economics, when you increase supply, you automatically lower cost. With a careful audit of our expenditures, we at America's Third Party believe our nation will have a zero deficit in 2013 and can become financially solvent.

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September 2011 Newsletter

The Waste of War
by David Jon Sponheim

The current military budget for America is $663 Billion Dollars per year. That does not include $37 Billion supplemental allocations for the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, and the additional $1.1 Billion spent in Libya. Plus the amount of waste and fraud is well documented. New studies are being conducted and it is an overwhelming indictment of our existing strategy in foreign policy.

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