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America's Propaganda Machine

Most people don't know this, but the mainstream media is completely controlled by government censors. The most recent Press Conference by Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona regarding Obama's forged Birth Certificate, was suppressed in the media. CLICK FOR PROOF

This type of media manipulation is not unprecedented in US history. As far back as the 1930s, FDR used similar tactics to prevent a Third Party Leader and Anti-War activist with 30 million followers, from broadcasting on the radio. When Father Coughlin sent out newsletters to his followers, FDR told him he couldn't use the U.S. Mail to distribute them! FATHER COUGHLIN HISTORY These tactics are deplorable and part of the democratic socialist agenda of our current government. We need to be vigilant in stopping this blatant suppression of our Free Press!

Another Shocking News item: U.S. Bridges and Roads are being built by Chinese Firms! Contracts totaling nearly $9 Billion Dollars! This subverts the "Buy American Laws" that are in place to prevent this. ABC News aired this story. CHINESE FIRMS TAKE 3000+ US JOBS This a short Video You will want to see!

Ironically, many Billions of Dollars designated for infrastructure in ARRA(American Recovery and Reinvestment Act), have been sent to foreign governments! You may have heard about the 1/2 Billion Dollar ARRA money awarded to Fisker, an Automaker in Finland, to develop a PHEV Plug In Hybrid Electric Vehicle. CLICK FOR INFO This is yet another example of how Obama is Outsourcing our Nation!

Erase the Debt Amendment We just started a new site to propose an Amendment to the Constitution. The site that is hosting it was created by Lawrence Lessig, friend of Obama, who is disillusioned with the current administration. He is a Professor and Activist that wants to end the corruption in Washington. We think that an Amendment to Erase the Debt would have the power to tackle the underlying web of corruption that is imbedded in our US budget and operating expenses. The core problems with our Nation's economy cannot be addressed until we get ahead of the tremendous interest obligations inherent in our debt.

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