Innovative Ideas For America

David Jon Sponheim is running for President of the United States. David Jon Sponheim has innovative ideas that will lead to Millions of Jobs in the U.S. Click "Read More" to see a  sampling of some of these ideas:


  • Comprehensive Energy Plan: In 4 Years time, we can eliminate our reliance on foreign oil by creating Plug In Hybrid Electric Vehicles that cost under $15,000 and get 100 MPG. This would involve creating the US auto Corp. owned by all US citizens. Additionally, we support responsible domestic Oil Drilling and creating burner nuclear reactors located at existing nuclear waste sites. This will create much needed clean energy and eliminate 97% of the dangerous nuclear waste in the country, without having to transport it.
  • Ocean Pipeline: An original idea where we can build a pipeline that uses passive desalination to create fresh water. This will broaden our ability to have arable and livable land. This pipeline can also prevent the ravaging effects of any droughts due to global climate change. We estimate an ocean pipeline from LA to Las Vegas could generate 253,000 Gallons of fresh water in a day!
  • Mobile Medical Units: We propose building 200 large 2 Trailer 18 wheel units that can service 200 of our Nation's cities with triage, diagnostic and preventative health care. This will be a virtual bypass to our health care crisis. The projected cost is $2 Billion to build and deploy these units. People will need to pay a small Co-Pay when visiting the MMUs, or they can have that waved if they are unable to pay it.
  • National Opt-In Health Insurance Plan costing $6 Billion: this will provide full basic coverage for only $50 per month. It will add 3,000 new public doctors to the work force, thereby lowering medical costs. It will not be mandatory. If you can't afford it, the option of Medicaid and Medicare is available. We will also allocate $1 Billion to monitor and audit fraud and waste in the health care industry. This fund will also serve as an additional support for unforeseen costs.
  • Solar Rooftop Program: This is a massive installation plan where the Govt supplies the infrastructure for Solar Panels on rooftops in America; virtually leasing the space on your roof, by offering you a kick back on your electric bill. This plan will create 1 Million jobs Nationwide. It will help electric companies meet their green energy requirements by 2020. The govt will earn a percentage of incme from the energy produced. All of this could be funded with our idea of Renewable Energy Savings Bonds.
  • Homestead Renewal Plan: This plan will take money allocated with HUD to purchase toxic assets, like foreclosed properties. We can then provide "sweat equity" jobs where people earn a living wage and earn credit toward owning their own home. It's all about fixing up all the empty homes in America and reviving the dream of home ownership.
  • More Transparency in the White House: Imagine a Web Cam in the oval office! David Jon Sponheim will have a morning chatroom for 1 Hour everyday, where the American people can air their views, ideas and recommendations.