It's the final stretch toward the Election 2012 and most Americans have been corralled into either the Pen on the Left or the Pen on the Right. This is not an exaggeration. Most of American citizens look at politics as a necessary evil. With Congress having an approval rating of only 13%, we are led to believe that politicians are corrupt. This makes us think that our vote does  not count.  Furthermore, the largeness of the 2 Parties holds everyone into either side, much as a Pen holds in Cattle.
This "Divide and conquer" mentality is locked in place by a media that refuses to allow a Third Party into the Public Debates. The CPD (Council on Public Debating) have refused to give anyone a chance to spike the controlled debates with any controversy. The dialogues of the 2 Candidates are carefully controlled and monitored. All questions of the debaters are screened. This is not Democracy!
If you listen to Neo Cons, they will tell you that the word Democracy does not appear in our Constitution. This is merely an attempt to disenfranchise the left. This is all by design. Divide and Conquer, and most of all, shun the voice of the people. But, the concept of Democracy has roots as far back as Thomas Jefferson in our Country.  Similarly, the Left makes us believe that we need more participation by minorities in our government. A Recent story on NPR radio is exclaiming that only 2% of Latinos are serving in government, compared to 12% in the general population. They want to squelch the rights of citizens who do vote in elections, by giving immigrants greater power in our Government. Voter ID's are being questioned in many states, declaring that many illegals are voting. This is denounced by the Left. The Left wants to break down the Laws that make this Nation a Republic.
Our Freedoms are being challenged with the bilateral support of both parties for the Patriot Act and even worse laws, like N.D.A.A. With this alarming attack on the individual rights of Americans, our leaders are hiding under a veil of protection from a Closed Media and a Closed Congress. They recently left their chambers early on the heals of an Election, without passing a budget for 2013. For the past 3 years, they have failed to pass a budget.
As we head toward the fiscal cliff in December, when tax breaks for the rich subside and mandatory cuts of $100 Billion occur, neither party is taking an active interest in compromise.  The Super Committee had been unable to come to any agreement on massive budget cuts. Instead, we have a President who has enlarged the debt by over $5 Trillion in 4 years, and his one and only opponent has no solutions to solve this fiscal calamity.
In 2012, farmers have faced a massive drought, ALL THE WHILE, there is talk of cutting farm subsidies by the Democrats and the Republicans. Neither party has a solution, like we do, to use Farm Subsidies to grow food and supplement the Food Stamp (EBT) program with revenue from the food. A Third Party could offer a tremendous alternative to the bickering between the 2 Parties.
U.S. Economic Policy is eroding rapidly as well. The position of the 2 Parties is to reward Globalists for Outsourcing. This practice has decimated our industries in America. It has led to losses of jobs that will never be recovered. Nether Party has a plan to deal with this. We do. Our Regionalization plan helps small business growth in the U.S., with an Infrastructure Bank that offers loans for 2% to anyone that hires U.S. Citizens at a "Living Wage".
U.S. Foreign Policy is aimless under both Parties. When George W. Bush announced recently that he endorsed the practice called "Arab Spring", the Republicans became complicit in the act of Economic Hits against other Countries. The U.S. is literally starting Wars by encouraging Protests around the World. The last thing either Party wants is a Protest here in the U.S.!
So, as this lame duck Congress and lame duck President await the results of a rigged election, with only 2 Presidential Candidates, our Nation lays in peril. The Financial Collapse that is happening is hidden from public scrutiny. More and more, businesses are closing. More people are living off their credit cards. It is just a matter of time, before the real problems bury this Economy.
If Ben Bernanke thinks he can print up $40 Billion per month with QE3, and give it to the rich Bankers, then we must become aware of the consequences. All of our savings and equity in America is about to tank. When the Dollar is diluted by this reckless practice performed by the FEDERAL RESERVE (unaffiliated with the Federal Government), we will all lose value in our Dollar. Inflation is kicking in on a large scale. Retail goods are skyrocketing. Home prices are plummeting, and our Personal savings are dwindling.
Americans have only one way out at this time. We must take charge of our Government and oust these scumbags from Washington. If we do not wake up to the power of Multi-National Corporations over this political process, then we will be doomed. There is no equivocation in this matter. We can reach a compromise on issues, only when we have a politically Centrist Government. Both sides can coexist in this environment. But, the critical difference is, Centrists can formulate strategies that will cut the budget and build new enterprise. The 2 Parties have proven they cannot do this.
So, if you are wandering in the middle of the political spectrum, do not be fooled by the promises of either side; avoid being herded into the Left or Right. Join a new direction here in the Center of the spectrum. Join America's Third Party!