Deficit Reduction

We at America's Third Party firmly believe in the importance of fixing our deficit. Our plan will revolutionize the way government does business and all with a zero deficit. Currently in Washington the Two political parties would rather spend too much time fighting over what to cut instead of cutting and reforming in the necessary way to make government more efficient. Although we must balance our budget we must keep the necessary funding for those who need it and on our most vital programs like education, and restoring our economy. As a former Democrat. I firmly believe in the core values of creating opportunity for every American to live the American dream, and protecting our most vulnerable.I also believe in passing on these principles and values onto those who come after us. Yes we must address the deficit but we cannot allow a deficit destroy all that we stand for as Americans. We cannot allow those with an extreme agenda, from spending on what is most important Education, creating jobs, fostering innovation and leveling the playing field for the American workers and the middle class. We believe through meaningful entitlement reform which will reform but still keep entitlements, government run programs. Through tax reform, and through cutting defense spending, and last and foremost cutting fraud waste and abuse from our government will accomplish our goal of having a zero deficit.