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December Newsletter


It is time to build an Online Revolution in Order to Avert a Violent Revolution. With the political unrest growing in the country and around the world, we encourage you to refrain from joining in any activity that may become violent. Instead, make your voice heard online. Join us every weeknight to discuss the issues that matter to you. When we're not live, discuss America's Third Party on forums and in the comment sections of newspaper articles.

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David Jon Sponheim For President


I have many new ideas for building jobs, creating more production, and solving housing and health care problems in simple ways. I am a fiscal conservative and a social liberal. I am free of corporate influence. I am not influenced by moneyed interests. I am the unbuyable candidate! My goals for this country focus on simplifying the role the federal government plays in our individual lives. I will create a program within HUD to save foreclosed houses and provide jobs to all Americans that need one. We call it the Homestead Renewal Plan; making the dream of home ownership a reality for more Americans! I envision tax reform which will eliminate tax loopholes completely. This will begin to reform the way influence peddling and lobbying is eroding our tax base. Every department, from Education to Energy will be analyzed for waste, redundancy, corruption and efficiency. Forensic auditors will be hired for the GAO (Government Accounting Office) to downsize budgets, starting with the GAO!

These auditors will establish specialties in areas like Medicare/Medicaid fraud, military/industrial contract procurement, and social security allocations. They will red tag any major cost overruns. These recommendations will be sent to Congress for review. Also, I will tell Congress that I will not sign any Bill over 100 Pages. This will set a precedent for smaller Bills that are not loaded with pork barrel spending. All of this will simplify the way our Nation works. For Instance, budgets for the Department of Homeland Security will be reduced to eliminate unnecessary services. The TSA will no longer be needed. They can be replaced with plain clothes military personnel. The Rapid Scan devices, which have been causing numerous complaints, will be used on luggage instead. Currently only 15% of all U.S. cargo is screened.

As President, I will begin to lower the many restrictions on small business in America. It is estimated that 60% of new job growth can come from small businesses. I will set up a Micro Loan program that will offer $1,000 to any U.S. Citizen. When they pay it back, anytime within 6 months, with $40 interest, they can get another $1,000. This will simplify the business growth process with fewer pre-qualifications. If someone defaults on their loan, they will never get anymore loans. The overall cost is $250 Billion for this program. The funding is there in the current TARP allowance to do this. Meanwhile, I will work with Congress to End the Federal Reserve. In 2013, we can buy out the Fed for $1 Billion, as stated in the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. We can retire their charter and liquidate their properties. The revenue we receive will help to build cash reserves for the Treasury. I will work with Congress to erase the debt. The United States of America will retain its sovereignty and we will begin the process of finalizing the bankruptcy of the United States “corporation”. Since the Necessity Act was signed in 1933, the United States has been in bankruptcy. Once the restructuring of the debt is managed, our Nation will set new policies of accountability and will not engage in fractional reserve banking. The solvency of our Nation’s economy will emerge and we will prosper for hundreds of years to come.

The environment will be another major focus of my administration. Fresh water solutions and solar panel production will be a high priority. I will introduce innovations in clean green technology as well. Efforts to cleanup superfund cleanup sites will be underway. I envision a Harbor dredged around New Orleans. In it, we would filter the water coming in, to trap any oil deposits. Modernized fisheries and shrimp production will revitalize the local economy. Real estate value will increase and an International Port will add to trade for the Southeast. I would also like to spearhead a program to get the government involved in Auto Production. The government share of GM is 31%. We can use this to build a single model 4 passenger PHEV (Plug In Hybrid Electric Vehicle). We can keep the cost at under $15,000, with a lease/option to buy plan. Along with more domestic oil production and the creation of an IFR (Integral Fast Reactor) to get rid of spent nuclear fuel rods, the U.S. could become energy independent within 5 years!

The health care problem in America is also of great importance to me. I have crafted a by pass solution to our crisis. The MMU (Mobile Medical Unit) System can deploy 200 Semi Truck Units in 200 Cities across the Nation. They can triage patients, charging a small Co-Pay of $25 per visit. Every Unit will have an on board pharmacy and electronic telemedicine capabilities. I will develop this System with existing VA funding and merge it with VA outreach programs. I will push for a National Opt-In Health Care Insurance Plan. This type of public option will NOT be mandatory.

Finally, I will repeal Marijuana from the list of controlled substances. It has been ratified for medicinal use in 16 States and therefore does not belong on the list. This will open up a tremendous opportunity for State and Federal tax revenue on its sale. Also, the Hemp industry can flourish in the U.S. and hempoline/ bio-diesel will be integrated into the diesel supply, thus lowering costs for truckers nationwide! I believe agriculture output can increase in America as well. Our production output has declined 2% every year since 2008. I will develop a National Composting Plan to utilize food waste from restaurants and markets. Currently, nearly 50% of our food is thrown away in landfills. With regional centers for composting, farmers can build up their soil for less money. This will make our soil healthier and drought resistance. Yield will increase and we can lower our trade imbalance with other Nations.

In all, under my leadership, we will see a sustainable economy emerge in America. The costs of social services will be lowered when the government makes a return on investment. Cleaner air and electric transportation solutions will abound. The average American will have shorter work weeks, less taxes and more time with their family. Education will focus on real world skills, online learning modules and kits, while reducing testing. The framework for all of this is a transparent and communicative President.



Welcome to the Party!- November 2011 Newsletter

Welcome to the Party!

We recently had our 900th Show on BlogTV and were well received by hundreds of viewers! ATP is now ready to form the Centrist Movement America has been waiting for. As a former Democrat of 30 years, I am fed up with the "Tax and Spend" mentality of those on the left. I want social reforms that give people a low cost education, fair priced health care, with affordable housing to anyone who needs it. But, our Nation is spending twice what it earns! So, we have to cut spending in a huge way. The two party system is ineffective at doing this. The moneyed interests of elitists have padded the pockets of our millionaire legislators. We average Americans are bearing the brunt of their incompetence. Just like in Greece and Spain, we are now facing bankruptcy in up to 47 States! As your President, I will strategically cut the waste out of government spending and find the fraud in the system. We will eliminate 50% of the government jobs that are seemingly useless. I will personally take a 25% Pay Cut in 2013, to set the pace for all government employees to do the same.

This IS the real deal! If we do not proceed now with a Third Party, the powerful elitists will completely eliminate our ability to choose. If we WIN THE ELECTION WITH AS LOW AS 34% OF THE VOTE, we can pursue New Innovative paths for our Nation. We can GET OUT OF THE WARS! We can create the MILLIONS OF JOBS NEEDED! With the current 2 Parties there is little accountability or monitoring of corruption. ATP is currently developing bylaws that prevent our nominees from offering favors in return for donations. This practice by the 2 major parties has left our Nation with far too many tax loopholes and tax breaks for the rich! Our 10% FAIR/FLAT tax will only tax 10% on non-food sales up to $10,000. And 10% on income over $100,000. If you make less than $100.000 per year, you will pay NO INCOME TAX! This FLAT TAX will get much more revenue from Corporations that are currently paying little or no tax at all!

So, welcome to the best thing going in American politics today. Welcome to our future. We have a 50 Year vision for the Nation that will offer everyone a home and low cost utilities. Internet Access will be guaranteed and our Nation will operate efficiently! As your President I will begin the process of getting America back on track toward a sustainable future. If you are not yet concerned about the course we are on with the 2 Party system, I urge you to watch my weekly Countdown to Economic Collapse on YouTube at will soon realize that EVERYDAY AMERICANS HAVE NO VOICE IN WASHINGTON!

We Need Your Support

You can look at the donations we received since we started the campaign through the paperwork we filed with the FEC.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Alan Hyman (aka repub), who recently donated almost $50. If you donate less than $50, I do not need to disclose your address to the FEC. Also, I want to thank John Edwards (aka SymbolicCenter) who has recently donated nearly $300! This is our biggest donation this year and the perfect way to start out the 2012 election season. We could never have imagined growing this big without the help of extraordinary, everyday citizens like you.

If you haven't given yet, now is the perfect time. Make a donation and get in on the groundfloor to build this campaign.

You can donate to David Jon Sponheim For President through Paypal:

America's Third Party is a real testament to the power of what people can do when they build a movement the old-fashioned way, person by person, with everyone chipping in what they can, when they can.

We're going to have some impact over the next year as we keep building the infrastructure for our party. There's a lot more work to be done. We need your support to put us in the strongest possible position that will help us win.

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