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The New Chat Hub at

Hi Everyone, our BlogTV show has migrated to the location. We are also hosting a Chat Hub at where you can see all Chat and our Nightly Show. So, if you wanna stay up late and chat about politics, be sure to join us Weeknights (6-8) Pacific.
As politics is changing, we are changing. If you have conservative values, but are not in favor of big business, we welcome you. If you are Liberal, but despise big government, we welcome you. It's that simple really. ATP takes the controversial issues head on. We don't beat around the Bush or flash our Obama. We are real Americans tryng to solve America's problems. The great thing about ATP is ... We have a Simple Plan to get back to the basics, along with Innovations that can spark the free market!

Electors Needed

We need electors and volunteers in all states. Help David Jon Sponheim in his write-in campaign.
Sign up now at:

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