Close Tax Loopholes

Closing tax loopholes will simplify the tax code, limit the outsourcing of jobs overseas and allow America to prosper by ensuring everyone pays their fair share of income taxes. Requiring all businesses to pay the same equal percentage of revenue in taxes as individuals will simplify the tax code. Tax loopholes encourage the outsourcing of jobs overseas, which limits the opportunities for employment in this country. This behavior can be decreased by closing tax loopholes and imposing ecological tariffs on imports from other countries. When the tax code is simplified and loopholes are closed, companies will no longer be able to avoid the responsibility of paying their fair share of taxes through credits and tax cuts. We will create a fair playing field for small businesses to be able to compete with large industry. Companies can begin to collaborate in order to make America better. Instead of outsourcing, more Americans will be able to obtain employment. Under this new system, everyone will have an opportunity to succeed.