Solar Rooftop Program

Imagine million of homes across the Nation having solar rooftops that provide low cost energy! This can be a reality within a decade. The biggest obstacle to solar panel production has been the Venture Capitalists. We have seen it recently with Solyndra, the solar company that sucked up $529 million dollars in loan money from the U.S., Then, it went bankrupt because of stiff competition with China. That was a mistake. The government can no longer rely on Venture Capitalists to mass produce solar panels. We need to sieze the reigns of progress and mass produce panels that are more efficient. Recent advances in wafer and nano technology have opened the possibility of solar panels that will be 85% efficient(verses 20% currently) and cost $2.50 per watt. So, a 100 watt panel would cost $250 compared to current prices of $400.

A solar rooftop array will produce enough energy to save an average family 60% off their energy bill. Even if we offer a savings of 30% on their electric bill, the difference will eventually pay for the solar panels and installation over time.  With the power inverters included in the package, it would cost a set amount to install these panels all around the Nation.  This could be a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs to start installation businesses. The Government could finance these rooftops using "Renewable Energy Savings Bonds". These bonds would instantly start seeing payback once the panels are installed and the home owners make their electric payments. All of this could avoid using U.S. tax dollars to finance it. And best of all, every one of these solar rooftops will be a huge home improvement and will increase the home owners resale value substantially. That is a hidden benefit of the program that everyone will benefit from.

We can train solar panel installers at local community colleges in America. A six week course study will certify a person to start installing panels and inverter boxes. This will offer a guaranteed wage of at least $20 per hour. The privately owned installation companies across the Nation will be bonded and required to pay meet and comply with the standards set out by the Program. Any non compliance will cancel their contract and an alternative company will take over. This Solar Rooftop Program could employ over 1 million people in the first 4 years. Currently, Venture Capitalist are closing their facilities across the Nation. Our Government could buy up these defunct solar panel production facilities and streamline them to operate efficiently.  Workers at the factories will receive a living wage, but will not be allowed to unionize. Public unions would be destructive to the cost saving projections of this Program.

So this Program, when implemented in a test region, will start realizing immediate earnings for the investors of "Renewable Energy Savings Bonds". We anticipate a 4% annual yield. Over time, the panels will pay for themselves and the additional savings will be passed on to to the electric consumer. Plus, hundreds of new solar installation companies will be born in every region of the country. They will have enough houses to work on for at least 2 decades and then, they will be maintaining and replacing older panels. Solar panels can last up to 40 years so it makes sense to avoid having to remove and reinstall them. The long term vision of job growth is fulfilled and the cost of electricity will continue to go down. Eventually the dream of Free Energy can be realized. This concept incentivizes other industries as well. Plug In Hybrid Electric Cars will be much more in demand when people realize that low cost electricity is far better than costly gasoline. This Solar Rooftop Program can be one of the production centers that this country truly needs to improve our economy!