Food Aid Program

Currently, Food Stamps can be used to purchase high priced foods, such as imported cheeses, lobster and prime rib.
The government can change this behavior by limiting what people can buy using Food Stamps. The government should produce a list of food products that are able to be purchased with Food Stamps, and all other food items would be considered luxury items.
On this list, meats would be limited to inexpensive cuts. Basic foods like cheese, milk, grains and vegetables would qualify but only at the generic level.
Eventually, we believe the government can create a series of "Essential Stores" that will compete with grocery chains. All the food offered at this store will qualify for the Food Stamp program. Anyone can shop at these stores- not just those people with Food Stamps. These stores can begin by selling excess food commodities produced by American farmers. Ideally, Food Stamps would only be used for food produced in the United States.