Social Spending

Currently, 70% of the federal budget is spent on "mandatory" social programs, including Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. As the baby boomers retire, even more of our budget will go toward these entitlement programs, unless we rethink the way government money is spent. In fact, some entitlement funds actually go to people that don't need them. Isn't it time we started spending money wisely?
It is essential to rethink how this money is spent and to develop a flexible system that can meet the true needs of people. We propose a plan that addresses the rising cost of living in America and simultaneously eliminates government waste. Everything from Food Assistance to Housing can be adjusted and changed so people on fixed incomes can live comfortable lives, without taking advantage of the system. We need to create long-term solutions to our problems. Through our Homestead Renewal Program, the government will invest directly in housing rather than simply paying landlords.
Social Security has turned into a political issue. With the possibility that the trust fund will someday be unable to pay for all of the projected benefits, lawmakers are scrambling to reform Social Security as we know it. We propose a simple solution that addresses potential shortages in this system. When we ensure that the money that goes into social programs is spent wisely, we will be able to leave a legacy for the next generation.