America's Third Party Mission

New Ideas to Build America
End the Waste, End the Fed,
End the Two-Party System!

Change the world for the better by developing and implementing innovative solutions to America's problems. We encourage communication and participation in our democracy, as we believe that government is the best tool to effect change on a large scale. We want the government to be accountable to the people, and provide a venue to talk about/ complain about/ report government abuse.

Currently, the government is too stalwart and has only served the needs of lobbyists and wealthy contributors. It is time the common people took control of their government. Through intelligent communication and diplomacy, consensus can be reached about the best way to solve the issues we face. We want to hear what the American people have to say. It is our responsibility as citizens to be informed on the issues.

At America's Third Party, we want to go a step further. Instead of simply being informed, we want to mobilize the American people to change their government to make the world a better place for all of us. If we hear all sides of an issue, we can reach a compromise that will satisfy the majority of people. That is why we are a centrist party. Each of us may have pre-conceived notions about certain issues. Yet, when we hear other people's diverse perspectives on the same issue, we will be open to integrating their ideas into America's Third Party Platform. We are the voice and the Political Party of the American People. We are changing politics and challenging the two party system. We want to affect political change in a democratic way. Our message is about giving the average American a Voice in government.

Believe it or not, Half of America's potential voters don't even vote!
We are changing politics and challenging the two party system.

We are common Americans challenging the tyranny of the two-party system, which is controlled by corrupt moneyed interests. Our centrist vision is for Americans to unite to solve the Nation's most critical problems: Government waste, Job creation, Housing, Environmental Destruction, Border Security, Involvement in Foreign Wars, Energy Independence and Ending the Federal Reserve.