Patient Care

Elderly Home Care
When the elderly are cared for in their own homes, long-term health care costs can be lowered. In- home health care provided by family members provides a better quality of life for the elderly and utilizes resources of people who are emotionally involved in these relationships to meet these needs.
We propose a three-day work week to allow adult children more time to provide for their elderly parents in their homes See our economics section for more details about this proposal. Elderly home care provided by family members arguably lowers the costs our society would pay to people who are motivated merely for financial reasons to provide these same services. Additionally, we support legislation that monitors our existing long-term health care facilities. Too often, patients linger in crowded facilities, with little or no personal attention. For those elderly citizens, we believe a revised Patient's Bill of Rights should be enacted to ensure their safety.

Patient Data Collection Decreases Diseases
A huge area of research that remains undeveloped lies in the discovery of the causes of many diseases. Although doctors ask for medical histories of their patients, this information often overlooks potential contributing factors such as diet and location of the home. These medical histories are not traditionally used for statistical calculations to correlate possible factors contributing to diseases.
We would like every American to provide in-depth information solely to be used to correlate any information relating to certain diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. This information could eventually be obtained through the U.S. census bureau. Until that time, statisticians can begin using comprehensive standardized medical histories to discover any correlations between patients with similar lifestyles and illnesses. The goal is to prevent major medical diseases which would also help lower health care costs.