Increasing the Number of Doctors
Medicine is one of the most well paid professions in America. If we look at simple economics, we understand when supply is down, costs goes up. Therefore, one way to reduce the medical costs is to increase the number of health care providers, including doctors. A short term solution to this problem is to bring more doctors into America from other countries, such as Cuba, Thailand, and India. A long term solution is to train more people in America to become doctors.

Currently, the State and Federal governments offer grants to low income students to continue their education. A stipulation could be made for these grants so that the students who qualify must major in medicine. More people will then receive an education to prepare them for a career in the medical field. This will eventually increase the number of doctors and other health care professionals, which will in turn, lower the cost of medical care.

Lowering Doctor's Costs
We believe the government should hire doctors directly, instead of paying hospitals to pay the doctors. Doctor's claim there is a need to pay for their student loans. For every year a doctor works for the government, a portion of his or her student loans will be paid off.
The assistance that government provides can spill over into medical malpractice insurance. Currently, doctors claim that the cost of their medical malpractice insurance is driving their rates higher. These same doctors who are paying back student loans can also receive a nationalized medical malpractice insurance plan. The cost of this national program would be supported by a centralized health fund. Additionally, medical malpractice claims can be limited with defective tort reform. The liability to doctors and insurance companies can be greatly reduced. If the national program is effective in reducing rates for doctors, patients will receive a net savings.