Sustainable Agriculture

Everyone knows that planting more greenery will help eliminate carbon dioxide from the air, thereby lowering greenhouse gases. Unfortunately, the topsoil that these plants rely on is being eroded. Topsoil is eroding much faster- on average, 17 times faster - than it is being formed. A third of the original topsoil in the United States is degraded. A dump truck- load of topsoil per second was passing New Orleans in the Mississippi River in the 1980s. Growing a bushel of corn in conventional ways can erode two to five bushels of topsoil.*br /> Sustainable agriculture can fortify our nation's soil base with the necessary nutrients to support growth of more greenery. Recently, advances have been made using seaweed in drought resistant farming. Restaurant and grocery store waste, along with animal manure, can be composted in central locations. We suggest an automated approach toward re-distributing this natural fertilizer.