Air Filtration

Various air filtration technologies should be developed to lower dangerous particulates. Point of use designs can purify the air we breathe. In each car we drive, devices utilizing hepa filters and ionization can clean our air. Also, mufflers could be retrofitted with venturi air filters that will clean the effluent that come from existing catalytic converters. This will ensure the air outside is as clean as the air inside our vehicles.
Additionally, certain areas that are notorious for pollution, like the Los Angeles County Basin and the San Joaquin Valley can be retrofitted with filter- turbines that operate on solar and wind power. These turbines will virtually eliminate pollution from natural air streams as they flow from west to east, literally filtering the air as in comes into the U.S.
All of these air filtration systems will trap carbon, keeping it from the atmosphere. Filtration technology can revolutionize our air quality and eliminate greenhouse gases simultaneously.