Global Climate Change

Dangerous Greenhouse Gases are a huge health risk. We must reverse Global Climate Change! Whether you agree that global climate change is occurring, you surely must agree that we need to curb the damaging effects of pollution on our environment. With that in mind, we can transcend any disagreements we might have over doomsday predictions.

Predictions: It is clear that the increased temperature of the oceans increases the likelihood of hurricanes. The polar icecaps are melting at a rapid rate, endangering fish and animals that live there. This, combined with glacial melting, will increase water levels everywhere. Inland areas are exceedingly dry and will spark fires that create smoke which contains dangerous greenhouse gases. This warming trend can turn into a vicious cycle that could ultimately change our entire environment permanently. A potentially dangerous gas is trapped at the bottom of the ocean. If ocean temperatures rise rapidly, Methane will be released from the ocean in great quantities. Find out more about Ocean Gases

Solutions: Ironically, this Methane could be harvested from the ocean floor as a potential fuel source. First off, to begin the process of reversing the effects of greenhouse gases, we need to enforce the Clean Air Act and sign the Kyoto Accord. Through this type of legislation, we can work with other countries to solve this global problem. To provide a better planet for future generations, we also need to Clean Up Superfund sites, mandate fuel efficiency standards on new cars and trucks. Saving energy has a multiplier effect in lowering greenhouse gases. Supporting sustainable agriculture will allow greenery to naturally clean the air we breathe. Various air filtration technologies should be developed to lower dangerous particulates. By working together to solve environment problems, we will begin to ensure that all people on the planet have the ability to prosper.