Foreign Policy

The classical difference in our policy, from other political parties, is, we support the Nation-State model for governments and we reject any movement toward a New World Order! The U.S. participation in U.N. activities will remain the same, but our commitment to the Millenium Directive will subside. Our Nation will reduce foreign aid by 50%. We will develop lasting solutions to World poverty and human rights.

As your President, I will work with our Allies in various regions to solve the key problems that inspire conflict. At America's Third Party, we have a strategy to end the threats of sectarian violence by providing safe-haven to refugees of ongoing conflicts around the World. Our "Weapons Free Safe Zone" proposal offers a realistic approach to handle the potential conflicts. By using state-of-the-art biometric analysis and spectroscopy, we can detect potential threats from guns, explosives, or fuel. This system can be automated, reducing the risk to troops on the ground. No War was ever resolved with the strategy of embedding troops with the enemy. Our Strategy will keep our troops out of harm's way.

Our Ocean Pipeline Desalination Project can serve as a foundation to build sustainable solutions. The production of fresh water leads to food, thereby increasing posterity, and promoting peace. By resolving our International commitments, we will send a clear message to all People of the World, that we have a new commitment to their autonomy. We need to transfer more of our foreign responsibilities to the Nations we defend. Let's End Foreign Wars and bring our Troops home to guard our Border!