There are also great possibilities for geo-thermal energy sources. The potential uses for geothermal energy can be utilized in building design and for electric generation. Imagine all of the energy inside of a volcano. What if we could harness that energy from above the earth's crust? We have an endless amount of geothermal energy coming out Yellowstone National Park. This energy could easily produce electricity. In Iceland, they are already harnessing energy from thermal vents in the Earth's crust. They use the heat from the vents to generate electricity. This electricity is sent over power lines to stations that use electrolysis to convert water into hydrogen to power vehicles. This same process can be replicated in the U.S..

We also support the use of Safe Nuclear Energy. Fast Breeder Reactor technology could reduce the dangers of our existing Nuclear waste. Spent Fuel Rods, could be reused! Nuclear Plants that safely utilize the remaining radiation could be developed at the site of Nuclear Waste. This would nullify any need to move dangerous Nuclear Waste long distances.

Another possible Energy Form could be harvested from the Moon.
A rare type of Helium called Helium 3, H3 for short, could be mined from the surface of the moon and then transferred by shuttle craft to Earth. H3 could be a stable fuel for powering fusion or nuclear reactors. Currently The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Space Colonization Technical Committee is developing plans to have a moon base established as early as 2015 according to a position statement on H3 is what powers our Sun. Particles of the element are pushed off from the sun and then bombarded by cosmic rays which knock neutrons out of the Helium particles. The particles then combine, forming H3.