Energy Options

Of the many exciting new Energy Options today, few have more potential than Carbon Dioxide. The U.S. has the infrastructure to transport it and it can be used to create Gasoline! This technology is in it's early stages, but, promises to be one of the few that will actually help to reduce Greenhouse gases. Imagine the Ocean as a potential source of Carbon Dioxide! Methanol can be derived from it and run in FLEX vehicles.
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1. Immediate Financial Payback from electricity generated.
2. Annual Federal Tax Credits for the Renewable Energy Systems.
3. Ultimate Electric and Fuel Self-sufficiency.
4. Corporate Sponsorship of these ECO-Friendly Plans.
5. Generation Closer to End Use Eliminates Energy Waste.
6. Win Public Approval with a Winning Longterm Fiscal Plan.
7. High Visibility of Renewable Energy Rooftops and Power Poles.

The development of hybrid technology is revolutionizing the automobile industry. These gas-electric vehicles show the new direction we are heading in as a nation and in the world. The gas supplies power when needed and the battery system supplements this by running an electric motor. Some charge the batteries using regenerative braking and others charge the battery when going downhill, or any extra power is generated. If we combined these technologies, these cars would get greater fuel mileage and even more gas can be saved! If you want to see the future of Hybrid Technology Click Here.