Tuition-Free Internships

Labor and Industry (L&I) laws require employers to compensate workers for training, whether on-the-job or otherwise. However, interns are not paid for their services. In fact, interns are required to pay tuition to the university during this period. The universities, in turn, offer companies financial incentives for providing an internship position. Most of these companies do not financially compensate interns for the valuable services they provide.
Charging tuition for internships is worse than indentured servitude. Students are required to pay the university system to perform work in order to receive their freedom in the form of a degree. To make matters worse, this tuition payment is due at the worst time in the education process. Students who have worked their way through college often must quit their paying jobs to perform the full-time internship. Therefore, most interns cannot afford to pay for their basic necessities. Charging tuition unfairly penalizes interns who are trying to improve their lives.

All internships should link Industry with Education. Paid internships establish a dynamic model for a "real work experience". Corporate needs will integrate with the abilities of students/interns.