We need to stimulate the initiative of every student and enhance their intrinsic motivation. Make uniform federal standards with an emphasis on new technologies.
Elementary School
We believe in smaller class sizes so teachers can offer individualized instruction that targets each student. Instead of high-stakes testing every year, we propose a simple basic skills exit exam. This will allow teachers more freedom in the classroom. We believe this freedom will help children discover and invent new ideas for the future.
Middle School
School should be a safe haven where children want to go to learn new ideas and opinions. We need to teach children good communication skills and social skills. We believe children should work together to find solutions to problems that may arise. Service learning projects need to be an integral part of the process where students unite to create a stronger community. By joining forces, we will help all our children learn the skills they need to create a better society for tomorrow.
High School
Teaming with industry to offer apprenticeship programs in a variety of fields will allow students to experience a large range of specialties. Exposure to many fields will help students discover their own unique talents. We will offer more classes to students on-line where students can earn college credit while still in high school. Instead of an exit exam, students will create a culminating project that reflects their learning.
The time spent in the classroom should be dedicated to instilling key skills and helping people specialize in their unique area of talent. Given the chance, every person in America can find their unique talent. They can exploit this to find enrichment in their life. The emphasis is not on career, but rather on service. If people seek education simply to get a degree to make money, they will be unable to adapt to an ever-changing world economy. We simply want people to discover and pursue what they enjoy and the rest will follow.
We want to offer tuition-free internship periods. We believe people should not have to pay for this on-the-job training experience. College graduates can choose to work at a position for the government and part of their student loans repaid. We plan to create federal jobs in many new and exciting areas such as health care and environmental protection.