Free Enterprise Limits

The limits to free enterprise can clearly be seen when we look at this venture on a long-term, global scale.
Over-reliance on non-renewable energy, like fossil fuels, increase costs for manufacturing and distribution. Limits to resources and limits to energy will force us to make difficult decisions. Since fossil fuel is a limited resource, the eventual depletion will hamper the capitalist market.
Competition lowers the price of durable goods, but fails to attract and enhance the possibilities that can occur through the collaboration of brilliant minds.
The desire to expand, or grow, is inherent in the capitalist economy. Unfortunately, this practice requires expanding markets and frontiers of investment on a planet with a limited amount of people.
At the core, free enterprise should have no limits, but invariably it does. Therefore, it is time to look at a solution for the economy that does not rely solely on the free enterprise system.