Human Resources Make the World a Better Place People can accomplish almost anything they put their mind to. We often hear of people working tirelessly, often without remuneration, to make our world better. They perform important social functions, like caring for the elderly and children. They work in "The Hidden Economy"* where they are not paid, because they believe in the goodness of people. It is time we acknowledged these people and join them in their efforts to better the world. If we join forces we can make this world a better place for ourselves and for future generations to thrive and prosper. Money cannot solve every problem. This was shown by the millions of dollars that was spent after Hurricane Katrina and the billions of dollars that have been spent on government contracts in Iraq. Fortunately, people can work together to solve the problems that money alone can not solve. We need to appreciate people for the contributions they make so our society can function properly.


Three-Day Work Week : Six-Day Business:

Creating a three-day work week as the basis of full-time employment offers many benefits. Business could expand to run on a six-day week by hiring two full-time workers for the same job on different days. This will offer employment opportunities for more people. This idea has social benefits in so far as employees will have more time to spend with family. This will allow children to grow up in a stable environment, where they can rely on parents who are not too busy for them. Additionally, it will place less burden on society as our population grows older. People will be able to care for their elderly parents during time they would otherwise be working. Eventually, automation may supplement most of the jobs that people perform. However, the social functions they accomplish cannot be replaced. Converting to a three-day work week will also save an enormous amount of energy, as people commute less.


Since the 1980s, telecommuting has grown in America. Books like Alvin Toffler's Third Wave introduced an economy run by people working from their own homes. Video conferencing to home shopping has blended with the internet and the global marketplace to create a vital new way of living for people. This type of living allows access to places all over the world without requiring people to leave the comfort of their own homes. We believe that telecommuting should be expanded in the future. Most of the business activities conducted in the United States today can be conducted with the aide of telecommuting. This will save lots of gas from being wasted in vehicular commuting. Telecommuting has the potential to launch us in a new direction, while bringing back family values, as families will be able to spend more time together. Parents should work from home and students can learn from home.