In our current economy the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. According to the American Demographics magazine, the average U.S. Household spends almost $90 a day on goods and services. We are losing our middle class and have the potential to become a third world nation. To prevent economic disaster, we must create a new economy where everyone is taken care of and we can look to new technologies to better our lives. For human beings to adapt to our changing circumstances, our economics will need to be changed. If we are to truly grow and achieve a decent standard of living for everyone, we need to rethink how we perform business. There are limits to free enterprise that are not usually accounted for in our current capitalist system. Therefore, we need to create a new form of capitalism, Hybrid Capitalism. In this system Government will compete with corporations with national industries. The work week will be shorter, to increase employment opportunities. People will cooperate, instead of compete, to solve problems we face. Most importantly, we will begin to value our most precious resource our country has to offer, our humanity!