Sex Offenders

Our society cannot allow the early release of dangerous predators from federal and state prisons. We advocate tougher sentencing laws for all felony acts of molestation and abuse. This crime has been shown to have a high recidivism rate. In other words, sex offenders are highly likely to re-offend.
We support The Child Safety Act of 2005. Find out more at John Walsh's America Most Wanted. The bill is an important step in protecting our nation's children. Write to your Congressman and Senators now and let them know how important it is to protect our nation's innocent.
We need a national database of registered sex offenders. This will prevent predators from moving to another state and not registering as they are required to do. In addition, we need to make it a felony for Registered Sex Offenders to have ANY interaction with children on the internet. Our children are especially vulnerable on the net, whether they are chatting or playing interactive games.