Crime and Drugs

Criminals have become more advanced in our technological world. They steal the identity and ruin the credit of innocent people every day. We need federal laws in place to protect Americans from identity theft. We also need to ensure the safety of the internet, a tool almost all of us have come to rely upon. We especially need to ensure that our children are safe from sex offenders.
Use of methamphetamines is sweeping across the country, and destroying lives in the process. We need to crack down on this drug at the source and ensure that it does not enter the country over the borders. Combined with the registering all assault weapons, cracking down on drugs at the source will ensure that our streets are safer. For too long our nation has been in a unwinnable war on drugs, as your president I will end the war on drugs, and transition to a realistic solution that attacks the drug problem at it's core.
The major problem with drug use is the criminal activity that addicts engage in, in order to be able to pay for their habit. One way to prevent this criminal activity is to take the money out of drugs by offering drug clinics. At these locations, addicts can receive counseling and drugs supplemented by the government. Addicts should not be punished for mere possession of small amounts of drugs for personal use. Prisons could be reformed so there is no longer mandatory minimum sentencing for drug possession. Instead, other more serious criminal behavior would be prosecuted more severely.