Recycling Incentives

Everyone knows some items are made to be disposable. Unless these items are biodegradable or recyclable, they should not be sold in the U.S. Styrofoam containers and non-recyclable extruded plastics are two examples that would fit this category. For durable goods that last longer than three years, there needs to be accountability by the manufacturer, so that safe disposal of hazardous materials is built into the initial cost. This cradle-to-grave mentality will act as an incentive for recycling of materials back into the production process.
Americans are the largest consumers of products that may never be recycled or disposed of properly. We have an inordinate amount of waste material in our economy. There is no way other nations can follow this lead without completely destroying the Earth!
We need to be an example for the world to follow. By recycling used products and creating environmentally friendly technologies we can lead the world to a better future.