As we learn to use robotics and become more efficient, we will need less people to provide the goods and services we require. This will allow people more free time to focus on solving world problems. In the future, we will be the center of automation in the world and we will become a powerful exporter. Our exports will be in environmental technologies that can be universally applied in every nation.
Our focus needs to be on conservation of resources and helping the planet. We need to do more with less and we need to revitalize the earth. This can be accomplished through automation.
On farms, a system can be created so that chicken manure from one plant is shipped to various farms within the region. This will rebuild our topsoil and prevent run-off of fertilizer into our streams and oceans.
Automation needs to be used as a resource to help people lead productive lives. Therefore, programs need to be in place to supplement income for people whose jobs become automated.