Troop Relocation

Our troops are in the frontline fighting the war on terrorism. These troops should have the choice of where they want to fight this war. The war on terror needs to be fought on many fronts, both at home and abroad. We will give the choice to individual troop members to fight overseas, in countries like Iraq, or to protect our homeland borders.
By offering this choice, we will encourage new recruits who may want to fight the war on terror by protecting our homeland. These potential soldiers may have not enlisted up to this point because they do not want to be sent overseas, away from their families. We will use these troops to expand our defenses along the borders and in our international airports and to search point of entry cargo containers.
Offering our troops the choice of where they want to serve puts less of our men and women in harms way, as troops opt to serve in secure locations. This will create a more responsive and strategically adaptive military.