Point of Entry Searches

100% of Cargo Containers need to be searched at the Port of Entry for Explosives, Drugs and Potential Terrorists. Currently, only 15% of all cargo is screened before entering the country. The technology to search ALL Cargo is available. Modern Detection equipment can replace our existing Dog detection system, which has proven to be unpredictable. Currently, government contracts to man these ports are awarded to companies from foreign countries, such as China and the United Arab Emirates. This practice needs to change. Port security needs to be operated by the federal government directly, not given to a foreign company to control. This poses any ideal opportunity to create a Commercial Government Enterprise (CGE). Personnel hired by the government would then oversee and operate the port system. Military can be used to search these cargo containers until enough personnel are trained to take over operations. Our ports need to be given high priority, or they will be allowed to become a place for smuggling and other illegal activity. By securing our ports, we will ensure our civil defense.