End The TSA

It's time to End the TSA! Existing troops can be used to guard airports to replace TSA personel. Since these service men and women are currently on salary, there will be a net savings to the airlines and consumers. Imagine air travel reduced in cost and easy to board and fly anywhere in the World. We also call for an immediate reduction in the use of drones for surveilance within the interior of the United States! There is no precedent for this gross violation of our 4th amendment liberties.

We do need to Integrate Intelligence Operations at all International Airports. Biometric analysis employs thermography to measure the temperature of foreheads to determine if someone is telling a lie. This cutting edge technology can be used to identify potential terrorists. Rapid Scan devices that are currently being used to scan people, could instead be used to scan luggage before it is loaded onto planes. Explosive detection systems can scan all luggage before it enters any plane. Airport security guards need to be replaced with trained military forces. The Air Traffic Control System in the United States needs to be upgraded. Navigation systems in cars are more advanced than the current air traffic control system. No one is watching over the 14,000 small airports in the United States. Many parts of our sky are left unmonitored. Consequently, these areas are left open to potential smuggling and terrorist operations. We need to act intelligently and ensure the safety of our airports.