David Jon Sponheim's Official Birth Certificate

David Jon Sponheim's Birth Certificate

David Jon Sponheim for President!

David Jon Sponheim

My Message:
The American people need true representation in Washington. The Executive Branch offers Americans the only way they can immediately change politics in America. I am an average American and believe that the time has come for honest government. As President, I would transition our government toward a renewable energy future that utilizes all levels of governmental and corporate support. I will: institute a new strategy in the Middle East, eliminate government waste, lower taxes, solve our health care crisis, and protect our borders. As a member of a new emerging political party, I will be telling our friends and allies abroad that America has a more peaceful foreign policy.


Why America's Third Party?

David Jon Sponheim had been Democrat for 30 years. In 2008, David left the Democratic Party because he believed that Barack Obama was dishonest, and not the man he portrayed himself as during the 2008 election. And the two party system was bought off. He was tired of the two party system, tired of feeling that he didn't have a voice, that the representatives were not listening to him. One of the things that frustrated David about the political system is that he felt that he was not being heard. That is why he understands the importance of listening to you! He has a chat hub at www.coolrock.com where American citizens can interact with him.

David Jon Sponheim decided to start his own party, America's Third Party, and run for President in 2012! America's Third Party has been creating new ideas for a sustainable America. These new ideas include: a seawater pipeline, mobile medical units, a transcontinental mag-lev rail system and a homestead renewal plan.

A Seawater Pipeline will bring fresh water to the deserts and help solve problems of drought by implementing passive desalination.

Mobile Medical Units will provide triage in Emergency Disaster Zones and Preventative Care in neighborhoods around America.

A Transcontinental Mag-Lev Rail System will provide a renewable energy alternative to transporting goods long distances.

Our Homestead Renewal Plan will allow everyone to feel the pride of home ownership by investing their sweat equity to re-build communities. These are only a few of the innovative ideas David Jon Sponheim proposes for America. David truly believes he can do a better job than the current administration, or any of the recent ones for that matter. He will listen to YOU! He has a show at www.coolrock.com where you can interact with him. Vote for David Jon Sponheim in 2012!

Brief Biography:

David Jon Sponheim was born in Los Angeles, California -the youngest child in a family of four. His parents were both World War II veterans and educators. They had both signed a pact to protect and defend America against the great threat of Communism during the McCarthy Era, a pledge they strongly believed. When he was three years old, David remembers watching little Jon Jon saluting John F. Kennedy's casket on television and feeling extremely sad.

At seven, David argued with Dow Chemical employees who came to his school to give a presentation. Even then, he felt that chemicals and pesticides were ruining the land we live in. This event had a profound affect on David and later in life led him to start an Organic Food Sales business in the 1980s, before the movement toward organics became popular.

David's mother was a professor of nursing. When he was young, she gave him a test she normally reserved for her college students, on which he scored very high. He skipped a grade in middle school. In high school, his IQ was tested as high as 185. David scored 5 on the BC Calculus AP Exam and took college courses while still attending high school. David graduated as the #1 valedictorian of his high school at age 17. This was one year before the Bakke decision, and Universities had instituted quotas for underrepresented minorities. Therefore, David was turned down with straight A's from institutions that were accepting B-average minority students. David ended up attending UCLA, which was not his first choice.

David was disheartened by professors in the Political Science department who were teaching the benefits of communism. David was raised to believe in the Cold War and believed that communism posed a great threat to America. Therefore, David chose not to continue education at an institution of higher learning. This was at a time when a college education did not have the impact of earning potential as it has today. David went to work for Natural Trading Company for a lady who was suffering from cancer. He helped her in her business until she passed away.

David's father was a high school History and Politics teacher. David enjoyed discussing current events with him. One of the most heated discussions he remembers was about Jerry Brown, who ran a populist campaign. They were excited when Jerry Brown got 8% of the vote. However, both David and his father were extremely disappointed when Jerry Brown wasn't even allowed to speak at the Democratic convention! Although David remained a loyal Democrat for 30 years, he looked back at this occasion as one of the deciding factors that led him to leave the party.

He then pursued TV Production and Voice Over. He helped his parents extend their lives by moving with them out of Los Angeles to Whidbey Island, Washington. He served his community as the News Director for a local Radio Station. David continued to pursue his small advertising business while caring for his parents. Both of his parents passed away in 2001. When he lost his parents, he began to question the world that he lived in and strove to make it better. David developed ideas for the future of mankind and attempted working through the traditional means to bring these ideas to fruition. After facing a brick wall in the traditional system, David decided to start America's Third Party and run for President of the United States.

In addition to being a candidate for President, David Jon Sponheim is an advertiser, web-site designer, archivist and entrepreneur. He currently resides on Whidbey Island in Washington State.

Ask David about what matters to you at www.coolrock.com and Vote for David Jon Sponheim in 2012!

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